Iowa DOT Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 25 questions on the Iowa DOT motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official IA MC test.

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At highway speeds, motorcycle riders should signal at least _____ before changing lanes or turning.

SIgnal well ahead of your turn or lane change. At highway speeds, you should signal at least 5 seconds before changing lanes to give other drivers time to adjust. Signal even when there is no one else around.

What should drivers be extra cautious for in busy traffic?

In busy/rush hour/slow-moving traffic, motorcyclists tend to filter through traffic between lanes. Be aware of that when turning or changing lanes as motorcyclists are vulnerable and hard to spot.

Upon looking in your rear-view mirror, you notice an ambulance approaching with its flashing lights on. What must you do?

Emergency vehicles with flashing lights and/or sirens on have the right-of-way in all situations. Ride to the right side of the road and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed you.

What is the first thing affected by alcohol?

Alcohol is a depressant that will negatively affect your riding skills even if you only drink a single alcoholic beverage. Your judgment will often be affected before you feel other effects of intoxication.

You are riding with a group of motorcyclists. When should you ride in a staggered formation?

A staggered formation is not suitable at all times. It should not, for example, be used when riding in curves or when entering or exiting a highway. In those situations, move into a single line instead.

Riding a motorcycle is ____ tiring than driving a car.

You need to be careful when driving a motorcycle when tired as fatigue can affect your handling of the motorcycle. If you are tired before the trip even starts, consider taking a nap.

Which of the following is the best approach to an emergency?

Motorcyclists must know when to stop and when to swerve. You won't be able always stop quickly, or always swerve to avoid an obstacle (you may end up in an even more dangerours situation if you swerve into oncoming traffic). A combination of the two, depending on the circumstances, is ideal. Learn when it is appropriate to stop and when to swerve.

Which of the following is true?

Before you turn or change lanes, you need to do a shoulder check to look in your blind spot. If the road has several lanes, a driver may be driving in your blind spot and try to move into the same space you plan to take. A quick shoulder check will help you locate this vehicle.

What should you do if your motorcycle starts to weave slightly when riding over bridge gratings?

Your motorcycle may weave slightly when riding over rain grooves or bridge gratings, but this "weave" is generally not hazardous. It is more dangerous to drive over at an angle in a zigzag pattern as you may fall over or move into another lane of traffic.

Which portion of the lane can be especially hazardous when wet?

When it starts to rain, oil, grease, anti-freeze, and other vehicle fluids tend to gather in the center portion of the lane and bubble up. It's usually the most slippery just as it starts to rain until further rain has washed these fluids away.

In collisions with motorcyclists, drivers often say ______?

After collisions with motorcycels, drivers often claim that they did not see the motorcycle at all. This can be explained by the motorcycle's smaller outline that is much harder to spot than a car. In addition, drivers often glance in their mirrors to look for vehicles and may miss the small outline of the motorcycle. Wear bright or reflective clothing to help others see you - or anything else you can do to increase visibility.

Riding in a staggered formation is the best if you ______.

A staggered formation is when you ride in a zig-zag line. This enables you to maintain a space cushion around each rider while keeping close. A staggered formation is good for driving on straights, but not for turning riding curves, or when entering or leaving a highway.

At a crash scene, what can you do to help a person who’s unconscious?

If you notice that a person is unconscious, you need to check that he/she is breathing normally. Look and listen for breathing, look for chest movements, and feel for breath on your cheek.

You are about ______ as likely to survive a head injury in a collision if wearing a U.S. Dot compliant motorcycle safety helmet than a non-compliant helmet.

Do not buy or use a motorcycle safety helmet that is not U.S. DOT compliant. They will not protect you as well in case of an accident since they typically lack the strength, size, and build quality to withstand a collision. Non-U.S. DOT compliant helmets are often referred to as novelty helmets, lids, loophole lids, or brain buckets.

How can keeping a sufficient following distance impact your fuel usage?

Maintaining a sufficient following distance enables you to ride/drive less jerky and, as a consequence, use less fuel.

What causes most wobbles?

A wobble is when the front wheel and handlebars suddenly shake from side to side at any speed. Improper loading or incorrect tire pressure are the most common causes of wobble. If you are carrying a heavy load and experience wobble, lighten or shift the load. Check that the tire pressure, air shocks, damper,s and shock spring preload are at their recommended setting for the weight you are carrying.

In which situation will your reaction time be slower?

While some of these alternatives affect the stopping distance, they will not affect your reaction time (how long it takes for you to hit the brakes).

Fatigue can have the same effects as alcohol, and can be just as dangerous. Fatigue slows down your reaction and response time, while also affecting your judgement and vision.

Should riders in a staggered formation should pass all at once?

If you are group riding in a staggered formation, pass one at a time. Each rider has to decide when it is safe to pass and when the space cushion in front of the passed vehicle is large enough. Do not pass many at a time as it will greatly increase the risk of an accident when passing, and will require far more time to make a complete pass.

You have just re-fitted your rear wheel. What should you check?

After re-fitting a wheel, make sure the wheels are aligned. Incorrect wheel alignment will lead to excessive wear and poor handling.

What clothes should you wear at night?

In the dark, other drivers won't see your bright clothes but they will spot reflective clothing. It will be especailly difficult for drivers to pick out a motorcycle's headlights or taillights among all other lights at night, so make it easy for them as possible. Don't risk your life by not wearing reflective clothing at night.

Is the Iowa Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

If you only use the Iowa motorcycle operator manual, it might be. Zutobi’s material is presented in bite-sized pieces that are broken up by useful visuals. With Zutobi, you will learn all you need to know to earn a passing score in an easy-to-remember way.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Iowa?

Once you’ve passed your Iowa DMV motorcycle permit test, here is how you can earn your Iowa motorcycle license:

  • If you’re age 14-17, you must apply for a motorcycle permit before you can get your license. If you’re 18 or older, you can apply for a license the following ways:
  • You can apply for a motorcycle endorsement, which is an addition to a regular Iowa driver’s license, by passing a written knowledge test, a driving skills test, and vision screening.
  • Both exams can be waived by completing an Iowa-approved motorcycle education course.
  • Or, you can apply for a Class M license, which allows you to operate only a motorcycle and no other type of vehicle.
  • To receive a Class M license, you will need to pass the motorcycle knowledge written exam as well as the operator knowledge test, as well as a driving skills test on your own motorcycle and a vision screening.
  • The same policy applies; if you wish to waive the written and on-road tests you will need to complete a motorcycle education course.

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