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There are 25 questions on the Louisiana OMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official LA MC test.

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Should you always check your blind spot and mirrors before changing lanes?

Changing lanes without checking the blind spot is a common cause of side-swipe accidents. To avoid an accident, always signal and then check your mirrors and the blind spot before changing lanes.

What is the average reaction time for drivers?

The reaction time greatly varies from driver to driver - some drivers have a reaction time of around 0.75 seconds and some have a reaction time of up to 2.5 seconds. However, the average reaction time when driving is around 1-2 seconds.

How should you cross tracks?

It is usually safer to cross tracks straight than to turn and cross them at a 90-degree angle. If you cross at an angle, you may move into another lane of traffic and cause a head-on collision.

A law enforcement officer signals for you to proceed through a traffic light intersection against a red light. What should you do?

When a law enforcement officer is directing traffic, you must obey the officer irrespective of other signs/signals.

Do motorcycles do not need an equal distance to stop compared to other vehicles?

A common misconception is that motorcycles are able to stop much quicker than other vehicle and won't need as large a following distance, but this is false. It depends on your motorcycle, your reaction time, and much more. Don't make the mistake of following too closely to the vehicle in front.

If you try to accelerate out of a wobble:

Do not try to accelerate out of a wobble as it will only make the motorcycle more unstable. The best way to handle a wobble is to not fight the wobble. Roll off the throttle gradually to slow down without applying the brakes, move your weight as far forward and down as you can, and grip the handlebars firmly.

Which of the following is FALSE?

Blind spots are especially dangerous for motorcycles due to their smaller form factor. If you are in another drivers blind spot, they may not spot you as they do their shoulder check and may change lanes without warning. Never drive in the blind spot of others if you can avoid it - speed up or drop back.

Who has priority at out-of-order traffic lights?

Nobody has priority at out-of-order traffic lights. They should be treated as a ‘4-way stop’.

An obstruction on the road ahead forces you to stop behind another vehicle on a sharp ascent uphill. Where should you stop?

Vehicles may roll back slightly before moving off when parked or stopped uphill/downhill. For this reason, you must keep a sufficient distance from any parked or stopped vehicle in front.

If you need to carry loads on a motorcycle, you should NOT:

Motorcycles are not designed to carry lots of cargo, but they can carry small loads that are properly positioned and fastened. You want to (1) keep the load low to lower the center of gravity, (2) keep the load forward of the rear axle so you don't affect how the motorcycle turns and brakes, (3) distriute the load evenly to avoid drift to one side, and (4) secure the load so the load does not shift or fall.

How will becoming cold affect you while riding a motorcycle?

Staying warm while riding a motorcycle can be difficult, especially during a long journey. Use quality motorcycle-clothing so you stay warm and have some protection in case of a crash. If you become cold while riding, it will affect your concentration.

What does a catalytic converter help with on a motorcycle?

A catalytic converter is a device that helps reduce the toxic and polluting exhaust emissions from the engine. If your motorcycle is equipped with a catalytic converter, keep in mind that leaded or lead-replacement petrol can damage the system.

What’s true if you’re approaching an intersection with flashing yellow traffic lights?

Flashing yellow traffic lights are found at dangerous intersections. You don’t have to stop, but you must slow down and proceed with caution.

Which statement is true regarding fatigue?

It’s very dangerous to ride while fatigued. Pull off the road and take a nap if you suddenly feel very tired while riding.

To quickly come to a stop:

To come to a stop the quickest, use both the front and the rear brakes at the same time. You can press down on the rear brake and sqeeze the front brake lever firmly with continuing steady pressure, without pressing it down all the way.

What is the number one reason you should regularly maintain your motorcycle?

Regularly maintaining your motorcycle is vital to keep it roadworthy. If you do not maintain your motorcycle, it will eventually fail - (1) if you are unlucky, it fails in heavy traffic and causes an accident; (2) if you are lucky, it will fail when you can safely move off the road.

In normal turns, the motorcycle and the rider should lean:

In normal turns, the motorcycle and rider should lean together at the same angle. In slow tight turns, the motorcycle should lean but the rider should remain straight.

Motorcyclists lane position should:

You have to position yourself in the lane postion that works best for the conditions you are in and change your lane postion as traffic situations change. Try to maximize your space cusion while being visible to others. For example; the center portion of the lane is usually best to be seen in the rearview mirror of a passenger vehicle, but not when following a truck. A truck driver won't have a rearview mirror so you must place yourself where you can be seen.

An inexperienced driver stalls at an intersection just ahead of you. What should you do?

Be extra patient when riding or driving close to inexperienced or new drivers. They are new to driving, more likely to make mistakes, and the only proper response is to give them room.

You’re about to enter the freeway. Which statement is true?

It’s dangerous to drive or ride much slower than the traffic flow on a freeway. If you do, drivers behind you may be forced to brake or swerve to avoid crashing into you. For that reason, you should ride at about the same speed as the freeway traffic when reaching the end of the acceleration lane. Remember to merge with care - don’t try to squeeze your motorcycle into a tiny gap.

Is the Louisiana Motorcycle Endorsement Test Hard?

As with every test, it depends on how well you come prepared. The motorcycle endorsement test in Louisiana is considered harder to pass than most of the motorcycle tests in other states, but it’s clear that those who fail haven’t studied properly or have used bad study resource. We strongly recommend that you try our practice tests and exam simulator so you won’t risk failure.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Louisiana?

Here’s what you need to know about getting a Lousiana motorcycle license / endorsement.

  • Louisiana does not issue separate licenses to operate a motorcycle or car. Instead, the motorcycle endorsement is added to the regular driver license.
  • To receive your LA motorcycle endorsement, you first need to complete a written knowledge exam, an on-cycle skills test, and a vision test.
  • You can skip the on-cycle skills test if you successfully complete a state-approved motorcycle safety course, trained to teach you how to safely operate a motorcycle.
  • To obtain your permit, you need to pay a $19 endorsement fee ($15 if you have obtained your driver's license in the past 4 years).
  • If you fail the endorsement test, you are able to re-take the exam at any time.

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