Mississippi DPS Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 25 questions on the Mississippi DPS motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official MS MC test.

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The term ‘blind spot’ refers to an area:

No matter how you adjust your mirrors, you can’t see every angle around your vehicle or motorcycle. This is why you must know when and how to check your blind spots so that you can detect potential hazards not visible in your mirrors.

You will ride with a passenger. To whom do you need to provide complete instructions before you start?

Provide instructions about how the passenger should behave to all passenger, even if your passenger is a motorcycle rider. The instructions should include; get on after you have started the engine, keep both feet on the footrests (even when stopped), sit as far forward as possible without hindering your movement, hold on firmly, lean as you lean in curves and look over your shoulder in the direction of the turn, etc.

Before passing another vehicle:

Passing is a complicated maneuver requiring both skill and experience. Before passing, look ahead for oncoming vehicles, the road conditions (e.g. cracks or potholes), and estimate if you can complete the maneuver safely. If safe - signal, check the blind spot and begin with the maneuver.

You're riding at night and become dazzled by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. How should you act?

If you are dazzeld by the heaadlights of an oncoming vehicle, you may need to slow down and stop until you have regained vision fully. You can avoid being dazzled by others by looking to the right side of the road as you pass a vehicle with high beams activated.

What does a green traffic signal light mean?

A green light does not give you the right-of-way over traffic already within the intersection from the last light change. Likewise, you must yield to pedestrians crossing the street if you decide to make a turn.

When riding on the freeway, be prepared for:

The traffic conditions can change rapidly on a freeway. Be aware of your surroundings by regularly checking your mirrors etc.

You are a large number of riders traveling together. How large should each group be?

Try to keep the groups small to make it easier to stick together and safer for other drivers to get around the group. An added bonus is that you won't be as easily separated by trafic or red lights. Groups smaller than 5 riders are ideal.

When riding a motorcycle, your shoulders can sometimes obstruct the view in your mirrors. What can be done to solve this?

You need a good view all around the motorcycle. If your body or shoulder obscures the view, extend the mirror arms by fitting longer stems.

How can you tell if a tire has gone flat on your motorcycle?

Do not expect that you will hear when a tire goes flat. Instead, you will notice how your motorcycle begins to handle differently. If the front tire goes falt, the steering will feel heavy. If the rear tire goes flat, the back of the motorcycle may begin to sway or jerk from side to side.

Why can a motorcycle engine "lock" or "freeze"?

Oil reduces the friction in your engine and makes it run smoothly. Without oil, the engine will overheat and freeze / lock up. Check your oil level regularly and add oil if necessary. However, don't add oil when the engine is warm as you may be severely damaged by the heat of the engine.

Why should you be careful around a stopped bus?

If you see a stopped bus, watch out for pedestrians. They might not be able to see you and cross unexpectedly.

What is the cause of many crashes in foggy conditions?

You should be able to stop within the distance that you are able to see. If you can’t, it may be too late to avoid a crash by the time you spot a hazard. Slow down, increase the following distance and put your headlights on low-beam when driving in fog.

If you grab the font brake or jam down on the rear brake:

Do not jam down on the rear brake or forcefully grab the front brake. If you do, you're likely to cause the front or rear brakes to lock.

You're turning right at an intersection. Do you have to yield to pedestrians crossing the street?

When turning, look for pedestrians on the road you're turning into and be prepared to yield if they are crossing the street.

You should always try to yield to pedestrians regardless if they are right or wrong as they are much more vulnerable than other road users except bicylists.

What does it mean to ‘adapt your speed to the conditions’?

Always adapt your speed to conditions, and never ride faster than the speed limit. Even if other vehicles are traveling over the speed limit, that isn’t an excuse for you to make the unsafe choice of riding over the speed limit.

How often should you check the oil and fluids level?

You want to check oil and fluid levels before every ride. Hydraulic fluid and coolant has to be checked weekly at a minimum.

Which statement is true regarding braking?

As your brake lights glow, you indicate to traffic behind you that you are slowing down. This acts as a warning to other traffic that you intend to slow down, and gives them time to adjust their speed to avoid sharp braking.

Sharp braking can be dangerous as vehicles behind you may not react in time to avoid hitting you.

What is the best protection you can have in traffic?

The single best protection you can have is distance to other vehicles in front, behind, and to the sides. This will give you time to react and space to maneuver if someone else makes a mistake.

Good brakes and bright clothes are also vital to have, but they are near useless if you cannot maintain a safety margin around your motorcycle.

Which brake(s) should you use when riding on slippery surfaces?

In slippery conditions, always use both brakes. While neither brake will be as effective, you can use both brakes for maximum braking pressure. The front brake is still more effective than the rear brake, even on slippery surfaces.

Which of the following is true about eye protection?

Eye protection is very important to use for motorcycle riders. If an object hits the eye, you can (1) lose your visions and (2) lose control over your vehicle as a result of the hit. Eye protection is useful in all weather conditions.

Is the Mississippi Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

If you aren’t fully prepared, which may happen if you just stick to the manual as a study tool, then yes, the written exam is hard. But with Zutobi, it can be easier. We not only equip you with the information you need to know in order to pass, but we present it all in bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and easy to remember. So, come test day, you’ll be fully prepared and confident.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Mississippi?

After you’ve aced your permit test, here is how you can receive your motorcycle license:

  • You must be at least 17 years old to apply for a motorcycle endorsement in Mississippi, and you must already have, or be working towards, a driver’s license or motorcycle-only license.
  • The first step is to pass the written knowledge exam at the DMV. Once you pass, you have two choices:
  • You can proceed directly to your road skills test and take it on the same day to earn your endorsement.
  • Or, you can opt for a motorcycle permit which allows you to practice riding a motorcycle on public roads before you take your skills test. When you’re ready, you can then schedule your skills test at the DMV to earn your full endorsement.
  • Keep in mind, you must have a supervisor with a full, valid motorcycle endorsement with you while you ride with a permit.

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