New York DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 20 questions on the New York DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 14 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official NY MC test.

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How much is the stopping distance affected when driving in heavy rain?

In wet weather, the tire grip will be reduced and the stopping distance will be doubled.

What does it mean to ‘over drive’ your headlights?

To ‘over drive’ your headlights means that you won’t be able to stop within the area lighted up by your headlights. For example, if you’re riding faster than 25 mph with low-beam headlights at night, it may be too late to stop without hitting an object by the time you see it.

In normal turns, the motorcycle and the rider should lean:

In normal turns, the motorcycle and rider should lean together at the same angle. In slow tight turns, the motorcycle should lean but the rider should remain straight.

Where will most oil, anti-freeze, and other vehicle fluids collect?

Oil, anti-freeze, and other vehicle fluids tend to collect in the center portion of the lane. Make sure you watch for oil spots as you ride to avoid the most slippery places. Position yourself on either side.

Your vehicle will use more fuel when:

Check your tire pressure frequently. Low tire pressure will increase the rolling resistance and therefore your vehicle will need to work harder to compensate.

How should you drive over grooves and gratings?

Your motorcycle may weave slightly when riding over rain grooves or bridge gratings, but this "weave" is generally not hazardous. It is more dangerous to drive over at an angle in a zigzag pattern as you may fall over or move into another lane of traffic.

What should you keep in mind when entering a roundabout?

Enter only when there is a safe gap, and yield the right-of-way to all vehicles already in the roundabout.

You're riding behind a driver who's acting inexperienced. How should you treat the driver?

Be extra patient when riding behind an inexperienced drivers. Learning to drive is a process of practice and experience - allow them more room and keep a safe following distance.

Which of the following affects the stopping distance?

Having proper tires is essential! The stopping distance is affected by over and under-inflated tires as they have less contact with the road compared to properly-inflated tires. Having old and worn tires is more dangerous in bad weather conditions as a low tread depth increases the chance of skidding and/or hydroplaning.

How should you cross track and road seams that run parallel to your course?

To cross track and road seams that run parallel to your course, you can try to first move away from the track/road seams and then make a quick, sharp turn to cross at an angle of at least 45 degrees. Make sure this maneuver is safe before executing it. If you just edge across the track or road seams your tires can catch.

Passing is ____ across a broken yellow center line.

Yellow center lines separate traffic traveling in opposite directions. You’re permitted to pass across broken yellow lines if you can safely do so.

How should you cross tracks?

It is usually safer to cross tracks straight than to turn and cross them at a 90-degree angle. If you cross at an angle, you may move into another lane of traffic and cause a head-on collision.

If your belt/chain slips, what should you do?

If you belt/chain slips, you need to check it immediately. In many cases, it's enough to tighten the belt/chain. However, if the belt/chain is worn down you may need to replace it before riding again.

You are short on cash and want to buy a second-hand helmet. Why should you be careful about buying it?

You should be very careful about buying a second-hand helmet from someone you don't know. The reason being that the helmet may have been involved in an accident and be damaged - while still looking OK. A damaged helmet will severely affect your chances of survival in a crash.

Why do some pedestrians carry a white cane?

A white cane is carried by pedestrians that are either totally or partially blind. They may not be aware of your presence and must be given total priority even when the right-of-way rules aren’t in their favor.

You are wearing on a very hot summer's day. Which part of your clothing should you exchange for summer clothes?

Motorcycle clothes are there to protect the rider in case of an accident, regardless of the weather conditions. Do not exchange your clothes for summer clothes as you'll lose all protection - it simpy isn't worth the risk.

What clothes should you wear at night?

In the dark, other drivers won't see your bright clothes but they will spot reflective clothing. It will be especailly difficult for drivers to pick out a motorcycle's headlights or taillights among all other lights at night, so make it easy for them as possible. Don't risk your life by not wearing reflective clothing at night.

How can keeping a sufficient following distance impact your fuel usage?

Maintaining a sufficient following distance enables you to ride/drive less jerky and, as a consequence, use less fuel.

Which brake provides the most stopping power?

The front brake provides more stopping power than the rear brake. It stands for about 75% of your total stopping power. Be careful so you don't grab at the front brake and cause your brakes to lock.

Which of the following will make it difficult to park a motorcycle?

You need to find a placec where you can safely set down the side or center kickstand. Loose or sloped shoulders, soft ground, or sloping surfaces will all make it more difficult.

Is the New York Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in New York?

Once you’ve passed your permit test, here are your next steps towards receiving your motorcycle license.

  • To graduate from a permit to a license, you need to pass the New York road test.
  • Before scheduling your road test, it’s recommended that you have at least 30 hours of practice driving with 10 of those hours being in high-volume traffic.
  • When completing your practice driving with a permit you must be accompanied by a motorcyclist who is at least 21 years of age with a valid motorcycle license from any state. This supervisor must be within ¼ mile of you at all times on the road.
  • If you do not already have a New York license, you will need to complete a pre-licensing course or Driver’s Education course before applying for your motorcycle license.
  • You can waive your road test by completing a Basic Rider Course. You must be 16 years old with a current New York driver’s license to enroll in a BR course.

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