Pass Guarantee

Our Zutobi Plus Membership comes with a Pass Guarantee. If you successfully complete the entire course, we promise you a passing grade on your official DMV exam or we'll refund or reimburse your latest payment of Zutobi Plus.

To be eligible:

  • The individual who purchased the subscription must be the individual requesting the refund. Transfers do not apply.
  • The individual must have successfully completed the entire course before taking the official exam.
  • The individual must fail the official DMV exam and present a failed score within 30 days of first purchasing a Zutobi Plus membership.
  • The refund or reimbursement will be the equivalent of the amount paid for your latest payment of Zutobi Plus. If you paid at a discount, the returned amount will be the total amount after the discount was applied.
  • The Pass Guarantee is not available for any subscriptions that started before 1 June 2020.
  • The Pass Guarantee is only available for select subscriptions that are marked as Pass Guarantee subscriptions.

To claim, send us an email at with:

  1. A screenshot of your RoadMap showing the completed course.
  2. A copy of your official exam printout showing the failed exam.
  3. A proof of your latest payment of Zutobi Plus.

We’ll then check that you are eligible. Once we’ve verified, we’ll issue a refund or reimbursement. Zutobi reserves the right to change the terms of this guarantee at any time.