Utah DLD Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 25 questions on the Utah DLD motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official UT MC test.

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When you lean the motorcycle, it will take _____ to stop.

When you lean the morocycle in a turn or corner, some of the traction is used for cornering which results in less traction available for stopping.

You are about ______ as likely to survive a head injury in a collision if wearing a U.S. Dot compliant motorcycle safety helmet than a non-compliant helmet.

Do not buy or use a motorcycle safety helmet that is not U.S. DOT compliant. They will not protect you as well in case of an accident since they typically lack the strength, size, and build quality to withstand a collision. Non-U.S. DOT compliant helmets are often referred to as novelty helmets, lids, loophole lids, or brain buckets.

An inexperienced driver stalls at an intersection just ahead of you. What should you do?

Be extra patient when riding or driving close to inexperienced or new drivers. They are new to driving, more likely to make mistakes, and the only proper response is to give them room.

Everything appears _____ in the convex "bugeye/fisheye" mirrors used on some motorcycles

Some motorcycles use convex mirrors to provide a wider view of the road behind the motorcycle than flat mirrors. Convex mirrors make everything appear smaller and farther away than they really are.

Before changing lanes, it’s not enough to check your surrounding using ONLY your mirrors. You also have to:

Before changing lanes, don’t forget to check the blind spot! The blind spot is the area you can’t see by just using your mirrors, so there may be a vehicle hidden from view in the blind spot.

You have to communicate to your passenger to tighten his or her hold when:

There are many situations you must warn your passenger to tighten his or her hold, such as the ones described here. Describe these situations for your passenger before the trip so he or she will know what to look for and to listen for your instructions as you ride. The passenger may not hear you during the trip so a lot of responsibility is on the passenger to hold tight in the right situations.

As you slow down to stop,:

By shifting down as you slow down or stop, you will be in a correct gear for your speed. As you come to a stop, you should remain in first gear so you can move out quickly if needed.

Which position in the lane is usually the best to be seen in the rearview mirrors of the driver in front?

To be seen in the rearview mirror of the vehicle in front and prevent other drivers from sharing your lane, the center lane position is usually the best.

In slow tight turns, the motorcycle and the rider should lean:

In slow tight turns, the motorcycle should lean but the rider should remain straight. In normal turns, the motorcycle and rider should lean together at the same angle.

How can you prevent drowsiness or fatigue on a long journey?

The best way to prevent fatigue on a long journey is to take regular breaks. Long but infrequent breaks will help, but not as much as short and frequent ones. Energy drinks will only help for a short while, and then you’ll become even more tired than you were before. Remember to nap before the journey so you are rested when you begin.

Why can a motorcycle engine "lock" or "freeze"?

Oil reduces the friction in your engine and makes it run smoothly. Without oil, the engine will overheat and freeze / lock up. Check your oil level regularly and add oil if necessary. However, don't add oil when the engine is warm as you may be severely damaged by the heat of the engine.

Riding in a staggered formation is the best if you ______.

A staggered formation is when you ride in a zig-zag line. This enables you to maintain a space cushion around each rider while keeping close. A staggered formation is good for driving on straights, but not for turning riding curves, or when entering or leaving a highway.

You arrive at a traffic light intersection. A law enforcement officer signals for you to proceed through the intersection against a red light. What should you do?

When a law enforcement officer is directing traffic, you must obey the officer irrespective of other signs/signals.

Your body is about _____ the visible surface area of the motorcycle unit.

Your body is about half the visible surface area of the entire motorcycle unit, so your clothing will greatly affect if others spot you or not. Any help you can give to other drivers is good. In some cases, drivers just quickly glance in their rear-view mirror or side mirrors before changing lanes and they may not spot a motorcycle rider in black clothing.

How should you handle a tailgater?

There are good and bad ways to handle tailgaters. If you speed up, it's possible the tailgater will speed up as well which means you will just have someone tailgating you but at a higher speed. Flashing your emergency lights or slowing down does not usually help, instead the best way to handle the situation is to allow the tailgater to pass you. You can also slow down gently to open up a larger space ahead of you - this will give you more space to stop if an emergency develops and encourage the tailgater to pass you.

If you ride for long periods of time in cold weather, it can cause:

Riding is taxing on the body, especially in cold weather. You need to be alert for signs of severe chill, dehydration, or fatigue. All of these can make it difficult to properly control the motorcycle. Dress to stay warm and comfortable, especially during long rides.

What is the best protection you can have in traffic?

The single best protection you can have is distance to other vehicles in front, behind, and to the sides. This will give you time to react and space to maneuver if someone else makes a mistake.

Good brakes and bright clothes are also vital to have, but they are near useless if you cannot maintain a safety margin around your motorcycle.

You have just changed engine oil on your motorcycle. How should you toss old engine oil?

Engine oil is highly polluting. Do not pour it in any drain as it can pollute the area. Instead, take it to a place dealing in toxic or polluting waste.

Upon looking in your rear-view mirror, you notice an ambulance approaching with its flashing lights on. What must you do?

Emergency vehicles with flashing lights and/or sirens on have the right-of-way in all situations. Ride to the right side of the road and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed you.

What does extra weight on a motorcycle change?

Any time you carry a passenger or large loads, you will change the way your motorcycle behaves. Practice on empty streets before you ride with a passenger or heavy load for the first time.

Is the Utah Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

Only if you aren’t prepared, and our goal at Zutobi is to make sure each of our users is fully prepared. Our bite-sized pieces of information are broken up by useful visuals and are designed to be easy to understand and easy to remember. We want you to pass your permit test the first time, and we give you the tools to do just that.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Utah?

Once you have taken, and passed, your permit test, here is how to get your motorcycle license:

  • You must have a valid Utah driver’s license in order to apply for a motorcycle endorsement.
  • There are two ways to receive a motorcycle endorsement in Utah.
  • Option 1: Fill out your application online and bring two forms of identification to your local DMV. You will have to pass a vision test and the 25-question written test.
  • Once you pass your written test, you will receive a permit that allows you to begin practice riding.
  • When you’re ready, you can schedule a riding skills test at the DMV. You must pass this exam in order to receive your endorsement.
  • Option 2: You can enroll in and complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginning Rider Course (BRC). If you complete and pass the course, you will receive a BRC card as proof of completion.
  • You can take this card to the DMV and your skills test will be waived, and you can receive your endorsement. Keep in mind, you will still need to pass the written exam.

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