Vermont DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2022

There are 25 questions on the Vermont DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official VT MC test.

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Before changing lanes, it’s not enough to check your surrounding using ONLY your mirrors. You also have to:

Check the blind spot
BHonk your horn
CGive a hand signal

Before changing lanes, don’t forget to check the blind spot! The blind spot is the area you can’t see by just using your mirrors, so a vehicle may be hidden there.

You're taking a medicine that causes drowsiness. You start feeling better, but you still need to take the medicine. Should you ride?

AOnly if necessary
BOnly on quiet roads
COnly if accompanied by someone

If taking medicine that makes you drowsy, you aren't fit to drive or ride a motorcycle. Check with your doctor if unsure. Never put other road users, your passengers or yourself at risk.

When riding on the freeway, be prepared for:

AVehicles changing lanes
BChanges in traffic conditions and traffic flow
CVehicles entering and exiting the freeway
All of the above

The traffic conditions can change rapidly on a freeway. Be aware of your surroundings by regularly checking your mirrors etc.

When you carry a load on a motorcycle, should the load be placed in front of or behind the rear axle?

In front of

Mounting loads behind the rear axle will affect handling, especially when how the motorcycle brakes and turns. Any loads should be placed over or in front of the rear axle.

Which brake(s) should be used when making a non-emergency stop (a normal stop) with a motorcycle?

AThe front brake only
BThe rear brake only
Both the front and rear brakes

Use both brakes and downshift when making a normal, non-emergency stop.

How often should you check the oil and fluids level?

AOnce a day
BOnce a week
Before every ride
DAfter every ride

You want to check oil and fluid levels before every ride. Hydraulic fluid and coolant has to be checked weekly at a minimum.

You’re driving in extreme fog, and the visibility is so low that you are unable to see more than a couple of feet ahead. What should you do?

ATurn on your high-beam headlights and slow down to a crawl
BTurn on your high-beam headlights and parking lights to increase visibility
Pull off the road and wait for the fog to clear

Remember that you must never stop on the road in extreme fog - if you decide to stop, do so COMPLETELY away from traffic.

How could your motorcycle be affected by a very loose chain?

AThe motorcycle could wobble
BYou may need to press more on the gas for the same acceleration
The rear wheel could lock

Drive chains must be frequently adjusted and maintained to ensure they are in good condition and with the correct tension. The drive chain must be regularly oiled to reduce wear (a dry chain will experience much quicker wear). The tension should also be checked regularly as slack can lead to the chain jumping off the socket and locking the rear wheel.

Why should a motorcyclist not stay in the left portion of the lane when being passed by other vehicles?

AA small mistake from the other driver could cause a sideswipe
BYou may need to avoid hazards on the road, such as a pothole, and needs room on both sides to maneuver
CLarger vehicles will cause a blast of wind that can affect your control
All of the above

There are many good reasons for not staying to the left of your lane - in fact, riders are recommended to stay in the center of the lane when being passed. By staying in the center, you will have plenty of room to both sides for maneuvers if you need to avoid a pothole or swerve. You will also be less susceptible to mistakes from the passing vehicle, and you will be able to better control the wind blast from a passing vehicle or truck.

Motorcycle riders are ____ at risk in traffic compared to other drivers.


Motocycle riders have to be especially alert to their riding enviroment due to how demanding and complex it is to ride a motorcycle. You must pay attention to potential hazards, make good judgments, and quickly make decisions to avoid danger. Motorcycles are more at risk in traffic than cars because they are smaller, harder to spot, and more prone to be seriously injured in an accident.

You’re riding in the mountains. Which statement is true?

There are usually many sharp curves and the roads may be icy
BRiding in the mountains is no more difficult than riding on a freeway
CMost mountain roads have a speed limit of 50 mph
DMountain roads are almost never icy

The climate is likely to be much colder in the mountains due to the higher altitude. Warning signs are placed on many roads that tend to freeze a lot, but not on all of them. Remember that the roads may be icy even during summer... so make sure to look for spots of ice on the road ahead!

You have poured too much engine oil into the tank. What should you do?

ALet it be, too much oil is not a problem
Remove the excess oil

Excess oil in the engine can be problematic as it will create excess crankcase pressure. This can damage seals and cause leaks.

Which of the following reduces your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)?

ADrinking water or coffee
BEating food
None of the above

The only thing that will sober you up is time. Exercising, eating, drinking water, or sleeping doesn’t increase the rate at which your body metabolizes alcohol. It may take more than 18 hours to get back to 0 BAC after a heavy night of drinking (many are arrested for drink driving the day after).

What should you do if your motorcycle starts to weave slightly when riding over bridge gratings?

Stay on course and ride in a straight line
BChange into a zigzag pattern until you have crossed the bridge
CSpeed up so you can better control your motorcycle

Your motorcycle may weave slightly when riding over rain grooves or bridge gratings, but this "weave" is generally not hazardous. It is more dangerous to drive over at an angle in a zigzag pattern as you may fall over or move into another lane of traffic.

You have just fitted new tires on your motorcycle. How should you ride it?

AJust as normal
B5-10 mph faster than normal as your new tires can handle higher speeds
With care until the outmost shiny texture has worn off

New tires are fitted with an outer shiny texture. The tire won't have maximum tire grip until the shiny texture has worn off, so ride with care until it has worn off.

You are riding at night. Which of the following is true about your lane position?

Your lane position should be flexible
BYou should not change your lane position unless facing a hazard ahead
CRemain in the same lane position during the entire trip to help other drivers easier spot you

At night, riders should be flexible about lane position. Change lanes to whatever lane position helps you see, be seen, and to maintain a proper space cushion.

How can you calculate the following distance?

APick a moving object and count the seconds until you pass the same object
BYour following distance is sufficient when you can’t read the number plate of the vehicle in front
Pick a stationary object and count the seconds until you pass the same object

Increase the following distance if too close. Maintaining a sufficient following distance is vital to prevent unnecessary accidents as it’ll give you more time to stop if you have to.

Just before passing another vehicle, should you ride closely behind the vehicle?

CYes, unless following a large truck

When riding closely behind another vehicle, you won’t be able to see as much of the road ahead and you won’t have as much time to react in case the other vehicle suddenly brakes.

In which of the following situatons should you use hand signals?

AIf your turn signals are not working
BIf bright sunlight makes your turn signals hard to see
CIf your turn signals are malfunctioning
All of the above

You must make your intentions clear before you change lanes or turn, even if your turn signals are not working or malfunctioning. The best way to do that is by using your turn signal lights, but if they can't be seen or are not working you will have to use hand signals instead. 

A large truck moves into the left lane but signals right. What should you do?

AMove to overtake in the right lane
Stay back and do not move into the area on the right of the truck
CAssume the signal is incorrect

Large trucks may need to swing wide to complete a turn. They also have larger blind spots than other vehicles, so if you move into the area to the right of the truck the driver may not see you. Stay back until the truck has made its turn.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Vermont?

There are several steps you have to take towards getting your motorcycle endorsement in Vermont. Here is some more information:

  • In order to receive a motorcycle permit, you can complete a Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program, or take the written test at a local DMV.
  • If you are 16 or 17 years old, in addition to holding a valid Junior Driver’s License, you must also have a legal parent or guardian sign the Motorcycle Learner Permit Application.
  • Once you pass your written exam and earn your permit, you can schedule your road skills test.
  • In order to take your skills test you must provide a motorcycle that is properly equipped, registered, inspected, insured, and in good working condition.
  • If you fail the skills test, you must wait at least one week before retaking it.

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