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There are 25 questions on the Washington DOL motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official WA MC test.

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A windshield ____ a substitute for a face shield or goggles.

Do not wear a windshield as a substitute for a face shield or goggles; they all do their intended job well but not much else. For example; face shields protect your face, goggle protect the eyes only, a windshield protects part of your body from wind/rain but will not protect your eyes from wind or rain.

Before entering a tunnel you should:

if you're wearing sunglasses, remove them as your vision will be significantly reduced if you're wearing sunglasses when riding in a tunnel.

Which of the following is the best approach to an emergency?

Motorcyclists must know when to stop and when to swerve. You won't be able always stop quickly, or always swerve to avoid an obstacle (you may end up in an even more dangerours situation if you swerve into oncoming traffic). A combination of the two, depending on the circumstances, is ideal. Learn when it is appropriate to stop and when to swerve.

If you double your speed, the braking distance will:

The braking distance increases quickly, especially when driving at high speeds. It’s important that you keep a sufficient following distance so that you have enough time to safely stop if anything happens.

Which of the following is FALSE? A skilled and experienced rider:

Even though skilled and experienced riders are better able to adapt their driving to avoid tight spots, they may still end up in a tight spot at some point in time. It's, therefore, vital that you know about collision-avoidance maneuvers even if you ride very carefully. Learn about collision-avoidance maneuvers such as knowing when to swerve and when to stop quickly. It could save your life.

You've notified the emergency services about a crash scene where there's a badly wounded motorcyclist. What should you do next?

Breathing is the first thing you need to check if you notice that a person is unconscious. Look and listen for breathing, look for chest movements, and feel for breath on your cheek.

Should you switch between using the front and rear brake to prevent uneven wear?

Always use both brakes at the same time to come to a stop, especially if you have to stop quickly.

How can you adjust for merging vehices on an entrance ramp to the highway?

All drivers should try to make space for merging vehicles if possible, such as moving to an adjacent lane, if open, or adjusting the speed to open up space for the merging driver. Riders have to be especially careful as drivers are less likely to spot them as they merge.

Most motorcycle collisions involve riders who:

The front brake provides about 75% of the braking power. If you underbrake the front tire, and overbrake the rear, it's likely you won't have enough braking power to stop in time. You should use both the front and rear brakes when emergency braking. Just be careful to not slam the front brakes as it may lead to you flying over the motorcycle - practice, practice, practice!

The closer you ride to the vehicle in front:

The closer you ride to the vehicle in front, the more it restricts your view of the road ahead. Motorcyclists have to be especially careful about this as they may need to swerve or quickly turn to avoid potholes or hazards on the road.

Which brake(s) should you use when riding on slippery surfaces?

In slippery conditions, always use both brakes. While neither brake will be as effective, you can use both brakes for maximum braking pressure. The front brake is still more effective than the rear brake, even on slippery surfaces.

When you carry a load on a motorcycle, the load should be placed:

Motorcycles are not designed to carry lots of cargo, but they can carry small loads that are properly positioned and fastened. If you place the load too high, you will raise the center of gravity and shift the balance of the motorcycle. This will make it much harder to control - so keep all loads low.

In which of the following situations is it especially important to flash your brake lights before slowing down?

Drivers behind may not expect you to slow down, so you want to give some sort of warning before coming to a stop. By gently tapping the brakes a few times you will activate the brake lights and give a queue to drivers behind that you intend to slow down. It's especially important to do this before slowing down where people may not expect you to slow down, or before any tight or fast turns off high-speed roads.

Why is it vital to secure any load with elastic cords?

Elastic cords are a great way to keep your loads tight to prevent loads from becoming loose or catching in the wheel or chain. However, elastic cords must be checked during the trip. Stop frequently to make sure nothing has moved or worked loose.

The probability of a serious accident ____ if you drink and drive.

Drunk driving is one of the main causes of road fatalities. Alcohol affects your riding and driving abilities (such as your reaction time and judgment) and will make you overconfident. Intoxicated drivers will almost certainly collide at a higher speed than sober drivers.

There’s a stopped car with its brake lights activated on the road shoulder ahead. What should you keep in mind when passing the car?

As the driver hasn’t turned off the ignition, he/she may attempt to enter traffic suddenly. In most cases, the driver will look for approaching traffic before pulling out into traffic, but that isn’t always the case.

Always look for an indication that a driver may pull out, such as a turning movement in the front wheels.

Which of the following alcoholic drinks is the strongest?

All of these is the equivalent of "one standard drink", and they are all the same. What matters is how many you drink.

Which of the following is FALSE?

Blind spots are especially dangerous for motorcycles due to their smaller form factor. If you are in another drivers blind spot, they may not spot you as they do their shoulder check and may change lanes without warning. Never drive in the blind spot of others if you can avoid it - speed up or drop back.

Why should you be careful around a stopped bus?

If you see a stopped bus, watch out for pedestrians. They might not be able to see you and cross unexpectedly.

Which of the following is an advantage of an adequate following distance?

Motorcyclists have to see the road ahead so they can scan for potholes or other road hazards that other vehicles would not care about. However, a 2-3 second following distance is not enough for you to safely avoid a collision in all conditions if the vehicle in front has to brake. You also need to consider your reaction time, the condition of your brakes, the weather conditions, and much more.

Is the Washington Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

Like any written test, that depends on how well you prepared. Our goal at Zutobi is to make sure you are completely prepared and confident when you sit down for your test. That is why we designed our lessons to be easy to learn and, therefore, easy to remember. Our bite-sized pieces of information are broken down by useful visuals so you can easily recall what you’ve learned.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Washington?

After you’ve taken and passed your permit test, here are your next steps towards getting your motorcycle license:

  • You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a 2W license endorsement. If you’re under 18, you must have a signed parental consent form before applying.
  • Once you have your permit, if you are 18 or older, you can apply for a 2W endorsement two ways.
  • Option 1: Take a 2W motorcycle safety course. Once you pass, you must wait 3 business days for your results to be uploaded before you can apply for an endorsement.
  • Keep in mind, you must have the endorsement added to your license within 180 days of completing the safety course, otherwise you will have to retake the course.
  • Option 2: You can take the knowledge and skills tests at an approved motorcycle safety school. The same rules apply when getting your endorsement; you have to wait 3 days for the results, and you have 180 days to add the endorsement to your license.
  • If you’re under 18, you must pass an approved rider course before you apply for an endorsement, and you will need parental consent when you apply.

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