West Virginia DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2023

There are 25 questions on the Virginia DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 19 correctly to get a passing score (76%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official WV MC test.

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What is the cause of many crashes in foggy conditions?

You should be able to stop within the distance that you are able to see. If you can’t, it may be too late to avoid a crash by the time you spot a hazard. Slow down, increase the following distance and put your headlights on low-beam when driving in fog.

The BAC limit for motorcyclists is:

The BAC limit also applies to motorcyclist riders. The BAC limit is 0.08 for drivers 21 years old or older, but you may be affected at a much lower BAC and be an unsafe rider after as little as one alcoholic beverage.

On wet roads, how can you tell if your tires are losing their grip on the road surface?

If your steering suddenly feels very light in wet conditions, the tires may have lifted off the surface of the road and "surf" on top of the water. In case of hydroplaning, stop accelerating but don’t brake until your steering returns to normal.

Who has priority at out-of-order traffic lights?

Nobody has priority at out-of-order traffic lights. They should be treated as a ‘4-way stop’.

How can you signal to drivers behind to let them know that you will be slowing down or stopping?

Drivers behind may not expect you to slow down, so you want to give some sort of warning before coming to a stop. By gently tapping the brakes a few times you will activate the brake lights and give a queue to drivers behind that you intend to slow down. Do not forcefully slow down as that will only increase the risk of an accident.

Eco driving means that you're trying to drive or ride in an eco-friendly way. Which of the following would count as 'eco driving'?

Generally speaking, higher gears = less fuel consumption. The first gear is by far the worst, so try to shift into a higher gear as soon as possible. All that being said, you must remember that traffic safety is always the first priority. If you need to brake hard in order to stop for a red traffic light or pedestrian, you should never worry about engine braking or riding/driving eco-friendly.

Will you use the road most efficiently when you pair up (ride alongside another) rider?

When group riding, you should never ride directly alongside another rider as there will be no place to go if you spot a hazard on the road. You can either ride in a staggered formation (like a zig-zag line) or a single-file formation. These formations are good for different things, so you may have to shift formation frequently.

What does a green traffic light arrow mean?

A green arrow indicates you can make a ‘protected’ turn in the direction of the arrow. All traffic in the lane subject to the arrow may proceed only in the direction of the arrow.

A ‘protected’ turn means oncoming traffic going straight ahead will face a red light.

Tinted eye protection or tinted face shields:

A motorcyclist needs maximum visibility to avoid hazardous situations such as potholes on the road surface. Do not drive with tinted glasses or a tinted face shield at night or when little light is available.

A motorcycle's horn is _____.

A motorcycle's horn won't be as loud as other vehicles', but this also means you can use it more freely. Use it whenever you need to get someone's attention quickly.

In which direction should you look first when arriving at an intersection?

The most immediate danger will come from the left, so you should always look to the left first. Afterward, look right and then left again to see if you missed any vehicles on the first glance. In short, this means that you should look left-right-left before proceeding.

Correctly adjusting your mirrors will:

Make sure your mirrors are correctly adjusted and clean so you can scan properly. However, even correctly adjusted mirrors have blind spots that must be checked by doing a shoulder check.

Which of the following is true?

Alcohol will affect each rider in a different way, but in general you will begin to feel affected almost immediately. Alcohol affects your coordination, judgment, reflexes, and much more. It will make you an unsafe rider within minutes of consumption. Do NOT ride if you have been drinking - even if you are below the legal BAC limit.

How will your steering be affected if your rear tire goes flat?

If your rear tire gos flat, the back of the motorcycle may sway or jerk from side to side. If the front tire goes flat, your steering will feel heavy.

Fit is important when you select a motorcycle to drive. Your feet should:

For you to be a safe rider, you need a motorcycle that fits you. In terms of the height of the motorcycle, make sure your feet can comfortably reach the ground while you are seated.

A law enforcement officer signals for you to proceed through a traffic light intersection against a red light. What should you do?

When a law enforcement officer is directing traffic, you must obey the officer irrespective of other signs/signals.

You are riding on a wet road. Which brake(s) should you use to stop?

Use both brakes for maximum stability and braking pressure when stopping on wet roads. Also, increase the following distance to account for the increase in braking distance. Plan ahead so you can break in good time.

What should motorcycle passengers do?

Passengers must hold on at all times, not just when asked to by the rider, and should keep their feet firmly placed on the foot rests even when stopped. They should be positioned as far forward as possible without crowding the rider.

Before passing another vehicle:

Passing is a complicated maneuver requiring both skill and experience. Before passing, look ahead for oncoming vehicles, the road conditions (e.g. cracks or potholes), and estimate if you can complete the maneuver safely. If safe - signal, check the blind spot and begin with the maneuver.

In which of the following places will ice tend to develop faster than other areas?

Bridges and shaded areas tend to hide spots of ice as they freeze first on very cold and wet days. Overpasses and bridges aren’t warmed up by the earth (like the rest of the road). Shaded areas will also remain slippery for longer as the shade keeps ice from melting and moisture from evaporating.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in West Virginia?

After you have taken and passed your permit test, here is what you need to do next to get your motorcycle license:

  • You can apply for a motorcycle endorsement on an existing, valid West Virginia driver’s license, or you can apply for a motorcycle only license that permits you to only operate a motorcycle and no other motorized vehicle.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have a valid level II graduated driver’s license before you can obtain a motorcycle permit.
  • Your instructional permit allows for 90 days of practice driving before you apply for your license.
  • Your instructional permit will not expire until 30 days after you turn 18. However, if it does expire, you will have to retake the written test.
  • You can earn your motorcycle license by completing both the written test and a skills test at the DMV. Written tests are offered daily, however, skills tests are only offered on certain days and applicants must schedule their test beforehand.
  • OR, you can pass the written test and elect to take a state approved motorcycle training course. If you complete and pass the course, your skills test will be waived.

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