Wyoming DOT Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2022

There are 25 questions on the Wyoming DOT motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official WY MC test.

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You’re about to enter the freeway. Which statement is true?

AFreeway traffic must yield to you
BStop at the end of the acceleration lane and enter the freeway at a low speed
Adjust your speed to the speed of the freeway traffic

It’s dangerous to drive or ride much slower than the traffic flow on a freeway. If you do, drivers behind you may be forced to brake or swerve to avoid crashing into you. For that reason, you should ride at about the same speed as the freeway traffic when reaching the end of the acceleration lane. Remember to merge with care - don’t try to squeeze your motorcycle into a tiny gap.

What should you avoid when passing a vehicle?

ASignaling before returning to your lane
Returning to your lane too early

It can be dangerous to return to your lane too early - always make sure that the passed vehicle is at a safe distance behind you before signaling and returning to the lane.

Who is required to yield the right-of-way at uncontrolled T-intersections?

AThe driver on the through road
The driver on the terminating road

At uncontrolled T-intersections, traffic on the terminating road must yield to traffic on the through road.

Riders in a staggered formation should pass _____.

AAll at once
BTwo at a time
One at a time

If you are group riding in a staggered formation, pass one at a time. Each rider has to decide when it is safe to pass and when the space cushion in front of the passed vehicle is large enough. Do not pass many at a time as it will greatly increase the risk of an accident when passing, and will require far more time to make a complete pass.

What is the number one reason you should regularly maintain your motorcycle?

ATo make riding smoother
BTo make long trips more convenient
To keep your motorcycle roadworthy

Regularly maintaining your motorcycle is vital to keep it roadworthy. If you do not maintain your motorcycle, it will eventually fail - (1) if you are unlucky, it fails in heavy traffic and causes an accident; (2) if you are lucky, it will fail when you can safely move off the road.

Where are strong side winds most likely to occur?

Viaducts & bridges
DUneven roads

Intense and high winds, especially crosswinds, can be dangerous. If you feel that the winds are very strong, slow down to give yourself more time to react. Be extra careful when driving on viaducts, bridges or open streches of road as they are hot spots for strong winds.

A stree-legal motorcycle must have:

ARear brakes (front brakes are not necessary)
Tires with a sufficient tread depth and air pressure
CFront brakes (rear brakes are not necessary)

You must have front- and rear brakes, operable lights (headlights, taillight, brake light, turn signals), mirrors, a horn, and tires with a sufficient tread depth and air pressure.

Why is it important that motorcycle riders approach turns and curves with caution?

ATo avoid crossing into another lane of traffic or going off the road
BTo avoid having to brake too hard causing a skid
Both of the above

The two major causes of rider crashes in turns/curves are caused by (1) taking the turn/curve too fast so the rider ends up crossing into another lane or going off the road, and (2) braking too hard causing a skid and loss of control. Slow down and downshift before the turn, not in the turn.

You're riding late at night with your headlights on high beam. Another vehicle has begun to overtake you. When should you dip your high beams?

AAs soon as the other vehicle signals to overtake
As soon as the other vehicle comes past
CAfter the other vehicle has finished passing you and returned to the proper lane

All vehicles must dip their high beam headlights in certain situations to avoid dazzling other drivers. If you're being overtaken, dip your headlights just as the other vehicle comes past.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) will _____ the more you drink.

CStay the same

The more alcohol in your blood, the higher the BAC will be. Alcohol can, in general, be reduced by almost 1 standard drink per hour - but this will depend on whether you have taken medicines, drugs, eaten food, your size, gender etc.

How can you recognize bad pavement?

AThe pavement looks smooth
The pavement has many different patterns

It’s important to know if you’re driving on good or bad pavement. For example, it may be best to slow down and avoid passing on roads with bad pavement. Further indications of bad pavement are potholes and/or cracks.

What is most important when nearing uncontrolled railroad crossings?

Being aware of approaching trains
BBeing aware of wild animals
CKeeping a sufficient following distance
DPassing slow vehicles

At any crossing, make sure that there aren’t any approaching trains before proceeding.

Should you assume that other drivers will obey the road rules and yield the right-of-way when they are supposed to?


Some drivers don’t know the road rules well enough to yield when they should, and other drivers may even have forgotten the road rules. Always be ready for the unexpected.

When stopped, should you stand close to or well behind the vehicle in front?

AAs close as possible to the vehicle ahead of you
Well behind the vehicle ahead of you
CIt doesn't matter

By staying well behind the vehicle ahead of you when stopped, you will have an escape route if (1) the vehicle backs up or (2) the vehicle behind you is traveling too quickly to stop in time.

Which of the following is true about eye protection?

AYou do not need to use eye protection if the motorcycle has a windshield
BEye protection is only needed when it is raining
Eye protection must not reduce your view to either side

Eye protection is very important to use for motorcycle riders. If an object hits the eye, you can (1) lose your visions and (2) lose control over your vehicle as a result of the hit. Eye protection is useful in all weather conditions.

What does a green traffic signal light mean?

AYou may drive - you have the right-of-way over vehicles already in the intersection
BYou may turn, but not proceed straight ahead.
You may proceed given that you yield to vehicles already in the intersection
DYou mustn’t proceed - the green light means STOP

A green light does not give you the right-of-way over traffic already within the intersection from the last light change. Likewise, you must yield to pedestrians crossing the street if you decide to make a turn.

What does the three-step process "SEE" stand for?

AStop, evaluate, execute
BStraighten, expect, execute
Search, evalute, execute

SEE is a three-step process that motorcycle riders can use to make appropriate judgments and apply them correcly. It stands for Search, Evaluate, Execute.

Which of the following are examples of safe and responsible riding?

ATrying to maintain your speed and avoid jerky driving
BUsing higher gears whenever possible
CSlowing down when approaching an intersection
All of the above

“Jerky” riding leads to higher fuel consumption as you will have to break and accelerate more. It also increases the probability of a collision as your behavior will be unpredictable for other drivers.

You are following a large vehicle. Why should you maintain a proper following distance?

AStaying back will help you see more of the road ahead
BThe other driver will be able to see you in the side mirrors
Both of the above

Any time you are following a large vehicle, stay a safe distance behind it. If you follow too closely, the other driver won't be able to see you in his/her mirrors, and the truck will obstruct your view of the road ahead.

Which of the following is true?

Most accidents happen on short trips that are less than 5 miles long
BMost accidents happen on medium-to-long trips
CMost accidents happen on long trips

You should know that most collisions happen on short trips that are less than five miles long, and most accidents occur at less than 30 mph. So wear a helmet even if you are only traveling a short distance or at a low speed!

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Wyoming?

Once you’ve taken and passed your permit test, here are your next steps to getting your motorcycle license:

  • You must be at least 15 years old to obtain your motorcycle permit and at least 17 years old to get your license.
  • If you are 16 and have at least 50 hours of practice driving (10 of which were at night) with a licensed supervisor, you can qualify for an intermediate permit.
  • Once you are of age, you have two options to get your license. Your first option is to take the written and skills test at the DMV. Once you pass both tests, you can receive your license.
  • Your other option is to complete a motorcycle education course. Once you complete this course and receive a completion card you can waive both the written and skills test at the DMV.
  • If you are under 18 and looking to take the motorcycle education course, you will also need consent from a legal parent or guardian.

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