Illinois DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 15 questions on the Illinois DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 12 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official IL MC test.

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You are renting a motorcycle with convex mirrors that you are not familiar with. What should you do?

If you are not used to convex mirrors, you will think vehicles are farther away than they really are. Get familiar with your convex mirrors before you ride anywhere by practicing in a parking lot until you become a good judge of how objects appear in the mirrors.

Why can a motorcycle engine "lock" or "freeze"?

Oil reduces the friction in your engine and makes it run smoothly. Without oil, the engine will overheat and freeze / lock up. Check your oil level regularly and add oil if necessary. However, don't add oil when the engine is warm as you may be severely damaged by the heat of the engine.

You are short on cash and want to buy a second-hand helmet. Why should you be careful about buying it?

You should be very careful about buying a second-hand helmet from someone you don't know. The reason being that the helmet may have been involved in an accident and be damaged - while still looking OK. A damaged helmet will severely affect your chances of survival in a crash.

You're riding behind a driver who's acting inexperienced. How should you treat the driver?

Be extra patient when riding behind an inexperienced drivers. Learning to drive is a process of practice and experience - allow them more room and keep a safe following distance.

About _____ of all collisions occur by riders that have less than six months experience.

Riders with less than six months experience account for almost half of all collisions - so be extremely careful during your first couple of months. With experience, you'll know how to handle situations far better and understand your limitations.

Should you be prepared to yield even if you have a green light?

Other drivers may do something reckless or illegal. Therefore, you should always be ready to stop even if you have the right-of-way.

What does it mean to ‘adapt your speed to the conditions’?

Always adapt your speed to conditions, and never ride faster than the speed limit. Even if other vehicles are traveling over the speed limit, that isn’t an excuse for you to make the unsafe choice of riding over the speed limit.

What does a catalytic converter help with on a motorcycle?

A catalytic converter is a device that helps reduce the toxic and polluting exhaust emissions from the engine. If your motorcycle is equipped with a catalytic converter, keep in mind that leaded or lead-replacement petrol can damage the system.

Riders in a staggered formation should pass _____.

If you are group riding in a staggered formation, pass one at a time. Each rider has to decide when it is safe to pass and when the space cushion in front of the passed vehicle is large enough. Do not pass many at a time as it will greatly increase the risk of an accident when passing, and will require far more time to make a complete pass.

Why should a motorcyclist not stay in the left portion of the lane when being passed by other vehicles?

There are many good reasons for not staying to the left of your lane - in fact, riders are recommended to stay in the center of the lane when being passed. By staying in the center, you will have plenty of room to both sides for maneuvers if you need to avoid a pothole or swerve. You will also be less susceptible to mistakes from the passing vehicle, and you will be able to better control the wind blast from a passing vehicle or truck.

You are a large number of riders traveling together. How large should each group be?

Try to keep the groups small to make it easier to stick together and safer for other drivers to get around the group. An added bonus is that you won't be as easily separated by trafic or red lights. Groups smaller than 5 riders are ideal.

How should you cross track and road seams that run parallel to your course?

To cross track and road seams that run parallel to your course, you can try to first move away from the track/road seams and then make a quick, sharp turn to cross at an angle of at least 45 degrees. Make sure this maneuver is safe before executing it. If you just edge across the track or road seams your tires can catch.

What should you be aware of when passing a large vehicle?

Due to trucks being much longer than passenger vehicles, they also take much longer to pass. It will also be harder to “fall back” in case you meet oncoming traffic.

Make sure you have more than enough distance to pass safely before passing.

The term ‘blind spot’ refers to an area:

No matter how you adjust your mirrors, you can’t see every angle around your vehicle or motorcycle. This is why you must know when and how to check your blind spots so that you can detect potential hazards not visible in your mirrors.

What is the "friction zone" of a motorcycle?

Riding within the friction zone can give you additional control through turns, such as when making a U-turn.

How much braking comes from the front wheel / brakes?

About 3/4 of all braking pressure comes from the front brakes. Remember to use both the front and rear brakes to come to a stop the quickest.

What should you do when approaching an intersection with a flashing red traffic light?

When facing a flashing red traffic light, you must come to a complete stop and yield according to the right-of-way rules. Only proceed if safe.

How could your motorcycle be affected by a very loose chain?

Drive chains must be frequently adjusted and maintained to ensure they are in good condition and with the correct tension. The drive chain must be regularly oiled to reduce wear (a dry chain will experience much quicker wear). The tension should also be checked regularly as slack can lead to the chain jumping off the socket and locking the rear wheel.

You are wearing on a very hot summer's day. Which part of your clothing should you exchange for summer clothes?

Motorcycle clothes are there to protect the rider in case of an accident, regardless of the weather conditions. Do not exchange your clothes for summer clothes as you'll lose all protection - it simpy isn't worth the risk.

When you carry a load on a motorcycle, the load should be placed:

Motorcycles are not designed to carry lots of cargo, but they can carry small loads that are properly positioned and fastened. If you place the load too high, you will raise the center of gravity and shift the balance of the motorcycle. This will make it much harder to control - so keep all loads low.

Is the Illinois Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

Not if you use Zutobi to help you prepare. Our material is designed to be easy to learn and easy to remember. Unlike motorcycle operator manuals, Zutobi’s lessons are broken up into bite-sized pieces so you can focus on what is important to know, and you can learn it quickly.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Illinois?

Getting from permit to license can be a confusing process with several steps Here is what you need to do in order to get you Illinois motorcycle license:

  • If you are 18 years old, you present your valid Illinois driver’s license, pass the written knowledge test and a vision test at the DMV in order to receive your motorcycle permit.
  • Or, you can take, and present proof of completion of, the Motorcycle Rider Education Course (this is the only way to receive a permit if you are 16 or 17 years old).
  • Motorcycle permits are valid for 12 months for those 18 or older and 24 months for those 16-17 years old.
  • With a permit, you can only operate a motorcycle during the day under the supervision of a motorcyclist 21 years or older with a valid Class M license and at least 1 year of experience.
  • To get your license, you will need to pass another written exam and vision test at the DMV along with a driving skills test.
  • You can waive the written and

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