How to Get a Motorcycle License in Ohio

by Zutobi · Updated Mar 31, 2022

A motorcycle is a great way to travel – it’s both exciting and practical. You’ll save on fuel and you’ll always be able to find a parking spot. Though you’re probably impatient to get on the road, be sure to take things one at a time.

In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know if you’re an aspiring motorcyclist looking to get your OH motorcycle license. Refer back to this guide throughout the licensing process to find required document lists, tips for preparation, and general information.

License Types

In Ohio, you need a license to operate a motorcycle, motor scooter, moped, or motorized bicycle. The state offers:

  • Two-wheeled motorcycle licenses.
  • Three-wheeled motorcycle licenses.
  • Motor scooter licenses.
  • Moped/motorized bike licenses.

If you have a valid driver’s license, you’ll get a motorcycle endorsement instead of a license. However, if you don’t have a valid driver’s license, you’ll need to get a separate motorcycle license.

If you’re simply looking to get a moped/motorized bike license, you won’t need a permit. Applicants 14 and older can get a moped license at the OH BMV after passing vision, knowledge, and road tests.

Note that 14-15-year-old riders will be issued a probationary license, which prohibits nighttime riding, passengers, and interstates/high traffic roads. You’re also required to wear a helmet and other protective gear.

How to Get Your Motorcycle License in Ohio

To get a motorcycle/motor scooter permit in Ohio, you must be at least 15 and six months old.

1. Prepare for the Knowledge Test

You’ll have to take a knowledge test at the BMV, so make sure you’re ready for it. Good resources include the OH Motorcycle Operator Manual and the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws, particularly section four.

Finally, it’s a good idea to take motorcycle practice tests, such as those offered by Zutobi, to get a feel for the testing environment. Practice tests will also help you develop a first-rate study plan by showing just where your strengths and weaknesses are.

2. Take the Knowledge and Vision Tests

When you feel ready, it’s time to head to a driver exam station to take the knowledge test and vision screening.

Once you present proof of your full legal name, date of birth, and social security number, you’ll take the knowledge test. If you fail, you may retake the test after 24 hours. Don’t stress about a failure – Ohio has no limit for how many times the knowledge test can be taken.

If you pass the knowledge test and vision screening, you can move on to the next step.

3. Get Your Motorcycle TIPIC

Within 60 days of passing your knowledge and vision tests, head to a deputy registrar license agency. There, you’ll present acceptable documentation and pay the fee to get your Ohio motorcycle permit.

Required documents include:

  • Proof of your full legal name.
  • Proof of your date of birth.
  • Proof of your social security number (if applicable).
  • Proof of Ohio residency.
  • Proof of citizenship/legal presence.
  • Parent/guardian identification (such as a driver license) if you’re a minor.

Motorcycle Permit Restrictions


If you’re a minor, you must follow these restrictions during the permit period.

  • Carry your permit whenever you’re riding.
  • Only ride during the daytime.
  • Don’t carry passengers.
  • Do not ride on interstates or high-traffic roadways.
  • Wear a helmet and other protective gear.

Additionally, you’ll need to complete the following before taking the skills test:

  • Hold your permit for at least six months.
  • Complete the requirements for the probationary driver license, including:
    • An approved driver education program with at least 24 classroom hours/online instruction and eight behind-the-wheel hours.
    • 50 hours of driving practice, with at least 10 night hours.
  • Complete a motorcycle safety course.

Consider taking Ohio’s Rider Courses, as they will strengthen your riding skills and possibly give you the option to bypass the skills test at the BMV.


If you’re an adult, you can simply schedule your skills test when you feel ready.

4. Take the Ohio Motorcycle Skills Test

You can schedule your motorcycle skills test online or by phone.

During the skills test, you’ll ride under the supervision of a qualified examiner. You’ll be tested on safety, control, and overall knowledge. You may be asked to complete specific maneuvers as well, such as weaving through cones.

5. Receive Your OH Motorcycle License

If you fail the test, you’ll need to wait seven days to retake it. If you pass the test, either at the BMV or within an approved motorcycle course, you’ll immediately be issued your Ohio motorcycle license.

That’s It!

That covers everything you need to know about getting your Ohio motorcycle license. If you’re feeling intimidated by the road skills or knowledge tests, preparation is the best way to give yourself confidence. Use Zutobi’s free practice tests and summarized information to have the best possible licensing experience.

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