Oregon DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2022

There are 35 questions on the Oregon DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 28 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official OR MC test.

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In which of the following situations will your brake distance be longer?

ARiding alone
Riding with a passenger
CRiding with appropriate tire pressure

The increased weight and change in gravity that comes with a passenger will increase the braking distance. If you are carrying a passenger, increase the following distance to account for the increase in braking distance.

When approaching a curve:

ATake road quality into consideration
BTake the sharpness of the curve into consideration
CPosition your vehicle correctly before reaching the curve
All of the above

You must determine a safe speed for the curve beforehand, and slow down accordingly. Consider the road quality, the sharpness of the curve, and the weather condition on approach. Remember that braking in a curve may cause your motorcycle to skid.

Which of the following is true?

A motorcycle needs more frequent attention and maintenance than a car
BA car needs more frequent attention and maintenance than a motorcycle

It can be more dangerous if something is wrong with your motorcycle than if something is wrong with your car. A small problem with a motorcycle can result in an accident. Motorcycles require more frequent attention than a car to ensure everything from tires, fluids, lights, etc. to the chain or belt is in a good condition.

What is “rubbernecking”?

Slowing down in order to see something interesting near the road
BRubbing your neck because it hurts after a long drive
CDriving for so long that your neck feels like rubber

The term often refers to motorists slowing down with the intent to look at a crash scene. It can be the cause of traffic jams and collisions as the driver is distracted. The safest thing you can do when riding past an accident is to focus on the road ahead of you.

When you’re driving on a two-way street with a center turn lane:

AYou may use the center lane for passing
BOnly vehicles from one direction may use the center turn lane
Vehicles turning left from both directions may use the center lane

Center turn lanes are there to ease left turns for vehicles from both directions. Don’t use it for passing!

You are riding at night. What should you do?

ADrive at the posted speed limit as its designed to be the perfect speed for day or night
Decrease your speed so you can react in time to objects on the road
CDecrease your following distance to the vehicle in front so you can use its lights to see farther up the road

At night, you need to reduce your speed until you have enough time to react and swerve if you notice objects on the road.

Which of the following can have an impact on your ability to ride your motorcycle?

AAlcohol or drugs
BAnger, depression, strong emotions
Both of the above

Alcohol and drugs will have an immediate impact your driving ability, but emotions can also affect your driving. They will distract you and change the way you react. If you are experiencing turbulent emotions, you should ask yourself if you can safely ride before riding your motorcycle.

You’re riding on the freeway in the far-right lane. What should you do when approaching an acceleration lane/on-ramp?

Let other drivers merge into your lane by slowing down or changing lanes
BNothing, as you have the right-of-way
CRide as close to the vehicle in front of you as possible to maximize the gap behind you

Always make it as easy as possible for other drivers to merge. When approaching an acceleration lane, you should either change lanes or leave a large-enough gap in front of your vehicle for traffic to merge into.

What does a catalytic converter help with on a motorcycle?

AIt increases acceleration
BIt increases the top speed
It reduces exhaust emissions
DIt reuces fuel consumption

A catalytic converter is a device that helps reduce the toxic and polluting exhaust emissions from the engine. If your motorcycle is equipped with a catalytic converter, keep in mind that leaded or lead-replacement petrol can damage the system.

Why is it especially important that motorcycle riders signal properly?

ATo reduce confusion
BTo clearly show your intentions to drivers behind and in front of you
Both of the above

It is extremely important that motorcycle riders signal properly as they are already vulnerable in traffic and more likely to be in an accident compared to car drivers. Signaling reduces confusion, will help traffic know of your intentions, and will make you easier to see. Use them anytime you plan to change lanes or turn.

Why is it especially important for motorcyclists to ride through the driver's blind spot as quickly as possible when passing?

The smaller form factor means they are harder to spot, even in the blind spot
BIt's not, the smaller form factor means they are easier to spot, especially in the blind spot

Visibility is more critical for a motorcyclist than a vehicle driver. Motorcyclists passing another vehicle should be especially alert that they ride through the blind spot as quickly as possible. Remember that you are not permitted to exceed the posted speed limit.

You have just re-fitted your rear wheel. What should you check?

Your wheel alignment
BYour suspension preload
CYour steering stabiliser

After re-fitting a wheel, make sure the wheels are aligned. Incorrect wheel alignment will lead to excessive wear and poor handling.

You want to ride with a child passenger, but the child's feet do not reach the passenger footrests. What now?

AIt's fine, you can still ride with the child
The child's feet must be able to reach the passenger footrests, so you can't ride

Riding with child passengers requires proper precautions. Your motorcycle must be equipped with passengers footrests that the child's feet can reach. Do not ride if the child's feet cannot reach them.

What is meant by "dragging the rear brake?

Utilizing the rear brake to control the speed and stability of the motorcycle
BUtilizing only the front brake to control the speed and stability of the motorcycle
CUtilizing the rear brake to quickly come to a stop

Dragging the rear brake is done to control the speed of the bike and to maintain stability, especially in corners or turns. Do not use the front brake in this way as it could tip the bike over.

You will ride with a passenger. To whom do you need to provide complete instructions before you start?

AFirst-time passengers
BAll passengers except if your passenger is a motorcycle rider
All passengers

Provide instructions about how the passenger should behave to all passenger, even if your passenger is a motorcycle rider. The instructions should include; get on after you have started the engine, keep both feet on the footrests (even when stopped), sit as far forward as possible without hindering your movement, hold on firmly, lean as you lean in curves and look over your shoulder in the direction of the turn, etc.

What is the "friction zone" of a motorcycle?

AThe area between your wheels and the ground
The area of the clutch that is between completely engaged and completely released
CThe area on the road where you should drive for maximum friction

Riding within the friction zone can give you additional control through turns, such as when making a U-turn.

About _____ of all collisions occur by riders that have less than six months experience.


Riders with less than six months experience account for almost half of all collisions - so be extremely careful during your first couple of months. With experience, you'll know how to handle situations far better and understand your limitations.

A motorcycle with its light on is ____ as likely to be noticed.

Two times
CThree times
DFour times

Keep the headlights and running lights on at all times, even during the day. Studies have shown that a motorcycle with its lights on is two times as likely to be noticed compared to when the lights are off.

You’re being passed. What should you do?

AKeep riding at the same speed or slow down slightly
BLeave space in front of your motorcycle
CKeep to the right
All of the above

Don’t increase your speed while being passed. If possible, you should keep to the right and leave space in front of your motorcycle so the other driver can return to the right lane after passing.

Use hand-signals:

AAt sunrise and sunset
If your vehicle’s signals stop working
COnly if your vehicle is so old that it doesn’t have turn signals

You must, in all situations, warn other drivers of your intentions. Use hand signals if your vehicle’s signals stop working or if it’s difficult to see your turn signals.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Oregon?

Once you have your motorcycle permit, here's how to receive your license:

  • You must be 16 years or older in order to receive your motorcycle license in Oregon.
  • While you are completing your practice driving with your permit, you must be accompanied by a rider who is at least 21 years of age and has their own, valid Oregon motorcycle license.
  • With a permit, you can only operate a motorcycle during daylight hours without passengers.
  • You can choose to enroll in and complete a rider education course with TEAM Oregon to waive your driving skills test at the DMV.
  • Otherwise, you can schedule your road skills test at the DMV when you’re ready in order to receive your full motorcycle license.

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