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Car Talk – The Car Makes and Models Generating the Most Buzz Online

by Zutobi · Updated Dec 20, 2021

Car fans love to show off their favorite vehicles on social media and chat and debate with other petrolheads, whether it’s the latest supercar that they can only dream of owning or their very first car of their own after finally passing their driving test.

But which are the cars that get discussed and posted about the most online? Social media is a vital way of gaining exposure for brands of all kinds and it’s no different for cars, so we’ve taken a look at which vehicles generate the most discussion online, taking into account three factors: mentions on Twitter, mentions on Instagram, and a number of posts on Reddit.

The most talked-about cars on the internet

1. Nissan GT-R

Weekly Twitter mentions: 11,771
Instagram hashtags: 9 million
Reddit articles: 15,900

Taking the top spot is Nissan’s legendary GT-R supercar, which as well as being the most mentioned car on Twitter (with over 11,700 Tweets over the course of a week), was also the second-most popular car on Reddit (being mentioned in 15,900 posts).

The GT-R is the successor to the Skyline GT-R and has been one of the most popular supercars for 13 years now and is popular amongst petrolheads for being one of the more affordable supercars on the market (although it’ll still set you back over £80,000 to buy one!).

2. Ford Mustang

Weekly Twitter mentions: 8,293
Instagram hashtags: 14 million
Reddit articles: 5,780

In second is another iconic model, the Ford Mustang, Which is by far the most talked-about car on Instagram, with over 14 million posts mentioning the sports car, which is over 5 million more than the next closest car.

The Mustang dates all the way back to 1964 and essentially started the “pony car” segment in the US, spawning similar models such as the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger but has evolved a lot over the years, with the all-electric Mach-E model launching in 2020.

3. Honda Civic

Weekly Twitter mentions: 8,627
Instagram hashtags: 7.7 million
Reddit articles: 12,700

While certainly not a supercar or sports cars like the GT-R and Mustang, the Honda Civic has a loyal fanbase and was mentioned in over 7 million Instagram posts and over 12,000 Reddit posts.

The compact car was initially known for being a reliable, fuel-efficient runaround, but later models such as the Type R, VTi, GTi, and Si have shown a sportier, higher-performance side to the Civic.

The most talked-about car brands on the internet

1. Ford

Weekly Twitter mentions: 192,416
Instagram hashtags: 33.1 million
Reddit articles: 236,000

When it came to brands, Ford took the top spot, largely due to the huge amount of Reddit posts mentioning the brand (236,000), although it was also among the most-discussed on Twitter and Instagram too.

While hugely popular in its native USA, Ford is a truly global brand, producing over 4 million vehicles a year around the world.

2. BMW

Weekly Twitter mentions: 118,329
Instagram hashtags: 59.9 million
Reddit articles: 75,200

In second is BMW, known for its luxury vehicles, which was by far the most talked-about marque on Instagram, with just under 60 million posts mentioning them on the platform.

BMW isn’t quite as big as the likes of Ford, but is still clearly hugely popular, also gaining lots of fans through its involvement in motorsports such as Formula 1 and touring car and sports car racing too.

3. Honda

Weekly Twitter mentions: 155,229
Instagram hashtags: 45.1 million
Reddit articles: 81,000

Honda takes third place, racking up lots of mentions across all three of the social media platforms that we looked at.

The Japanese brand is the world’s biggest manufacturer of motorcycles, but is also well known for its car production, with notable models such as the Civic and CR-V.


We ranked each car on the following three criteria, giving each one a normalized score out of ten for each factor, before taking an average of these three scores for our final popularity score out of ten.

Twitter mentions
The number of Tweets mentioning the car over the course of a week (July 30th – August 6th, 2021).

Instagram hashtags
The number of Instagram posts mentioning each car on Instagram using hashtags, as of August 9th, 2021.

Reddit posts
The number of posts on Reddit with the name of each car in their title, as of August 9th, 2021.

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