Driving School Costs Report – The Cheapest and Most Expensive States

by Zutobi · Updated May 01, 2024

For many, the ability to drive is not just about mobility—it’s a rite of passage that symbolizes freedom and the thrill of charting one’s own course. The anticipation of sitting behind the wheel for the first time is a universal dream, yet for many aspiring drivers in the United States, this dream comes with variable hurdles, both in terms of practical challenges and financial costs. The path to becoming a licensed driver involves mastering comprehensive road rules and perfecting driving maneuvers, with the added weight of financial commitments that can be daunting.

Across the U.S., the average cost for a comprehensive driving education is $937, a sum that encompasses both theory at $217 and practical lessons costing an average of $72 per hour. This report aims to shed light on the economic disparities in driving education, comparing the costs across different states to reveal where it might be easier—or more challenging—to achieve driving independence based on financial accessibility. 

Top 5 Most Affordable States for Driving Education

  1. Kansas – $640

Kansas stands out as the most economical state for aspiring drivers. Here, students can access theory classes at an exceptionally affordable rate of $140, complemented by practical driving sessions at just $50 per hour. This pricing structure enables a comprehensive 10-hour driving package for a total of $500, making Kansas the leader in affordability for driver education.

  1. District of Columbia – $675

In the heart of the nation’s capital, the cost of driving education remains competitive. The District of Columbia offers theory lessons for $175, matched with practical driving classes at $50 per hour. This blend ensures that after 10 hours behind the wheel, learners only spend $675, positioning D.C. as a financially accessible option for obtaining a driving license.

  1. Oklahoma – $675

Oklahoma mirrors the District of Columbia in terms of cost-effectiveness, charging $175 for theory lessons. Practical driving classes are also priced at $50 per hour. This uniform pricing across both components of driver education allows Oklahoma residents to complete their driving education with a modest financial outlay of $675 after 10 hours of on-the-road training.

  1. Ohio – $680

Ohio presents a slightly higher yet still affordable educational expense for its driving students. With theory lessons priced at $180 and practical sessions maintaining a cost of $50 per hour, the total expenditure for a 10-hour course reaches $680. Ohio’s balanced approach ensures quality education without a steep financial burden.

  1. Tennessee – $690

Tennessee offers a unique financial proposition for prospective drivers. The state’s theory lessons are notably cost-effective at $90, while practical lessons are priced at $60 per hour. This configuration leads to a total cost of $690 for 10 hours of driving, making Tennessee an attractive option for those seeking a blend of affordability and extensive on-road experience.

Top 5 Most Expensive States for Driving Education

  1. New Hampshire – $1,575

New Hampshire ranks as the most expensive state for driving education, primarily due to its higher per-hour charge for practical lessons at $130 and a theory class fee of $275. Totaling $1,575 for 10 hours of driving, the state’s approach reflects its commitment to providing top-tier education, albeit at a premium price.

  1. Oregon – $1,375

Oregon’s driving schools charge $175 for theory and ramp up the costs with $120 per hour for practical lessons. After 10 hours behind the wheel, learners face a total bill of $1,375. This pricing strategy positions Oregon as a state that values comprehensive and detailed driver training.

  1. Kentucky – $1,300

In Kentucky, learner drivers encounter theory class costs of $200 and practical driving fees of $110 per hour. These costs accumulate to $1,300 for 10 hours, illustrating Kentucky’s investment in a robust driver education system designed to prepare learners thoroughly for the road.

  1. Delaware – $1,290

Delaware’s driving education framework includes $290 for theory lessons and $100 per hour for practical driving. This leads to a total cost of $1,000 for 10 hours of driving instruction, positioning Delaware as a state where comprehensive education aligns with a higher price bracket.

  1. Utah – $1,200

Utah offers a consistent educational expense with $200 for theory classes and $100 per hour for practical lessons. After completing 10 hours of driving, Utah students will have invested $1,200 in their education. This pricing reflects Utah’s commitment to providing a balanced and thorough preparation for its driving students.

States with the cheapest driving course price


This report synthesizes data collected from a list of the most popular driving schools across the U.S. We calculated the average price for both theory and practical lessons in each state to provide a fair comparison of the costs associated with driving education.

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