The Global Gas Prices Report [Countries & U.S. State-by-State Breakdown]

by Zutobi · Updated Jun 02, 2022

Where in the world can you find the best value for gas?

Last year we brought you the US Fuel Index, revealing the most affordable states for petrol prices. Since then the world has changed, gas prices have fluctuated in the US and the wider world. Therefore, people who learn to drive and take to the road this year, as well as experienced drivers will be paying very different prices for gas.

In addition updating the US Fuel Index, the wider world has been taken into account in this report. Consequently, gas prices in over 150 countries and territories have been studied to discover where in the world you get the best value for money.

Moreover, we have studied historic petrol prices in all of the US states, as well as the vast majority of the countries, to discover where has had the biggest and smallest increases in gas price.

US Fuel Report

Since the initial US Fuel Index last summer, prices have increased dramatically in every state. Last summer the average cost of a gallon of petrol across the United States was $3.03, this has since increased dramatically by 27.88% to $4.20 today.

Whilst this nationwide average increase has been great, the individual price rises differ in separate states. As a result, some states that had especially affordable or expensive gas prices last year no longer rank as highly.

The states with the cheapest gas

1 – Missouri: $3.78 per gallon

Missouri has jumped up two places in the rankings and is now the state with the cheapest gas prices (having previously ranked third), it is now $0.13 more affordable than previous leader Mississippi. Despite this, prices have still risen by over a dollar in the past year.

2 – Kansas: $3.80 per gallon

Kansas has had an even slower rate of increase than Missouri as prices have risen by 25.37%, this constitutes a $0.96 increase from last year. This smaller increase means that the midwestern state now ranks as the second most affordable, rather than the seventh.

3 – Oklahoma: $3.81 per gallon

Oklahoma has had a smaller rise in the rankings, moving up from the fifth most affordable state to the third. Petrol prices in Oklahoma have risen from $2.76 to $3.81, this is a rise of 27.65%.

The states with the most expensive gas

1 – California: $5.91 per gallon

California still has the most expensive average petrol prices, and they have increased by nearly two whole dollars. This is a rise of 29.53% since last year, making California the most expensive state by $0.66.

2 – Nevada: $5.25 per gallon

California’s next-door neighbor Nevada has seen the fourth-highest increase in prices; the average cost of gas has risen by 31.20%. Prices are now $5.25 on average, this is over a dollar higher than the national average.

3 – Hawaii: $5.16 per gallon

Hawaii and Nevada have swapped places in the rankings, so now Hawaii is only the third most expensive for average petrol prices. It costs $5.16 at the pump in the Pacific island state now, up from $3.91 in 2021.

Gas price changes in America

Global gas prices always fluctuate but there has been a steady increase over the decades. Long gone are the boom days of post-war America when gas-guzzling V8s could do a quarter-mile at a time for practically the same cost as walking.

In recent years petrol prices have still been increasing at a rapid pace, but which states have seen the smallest and largest increases since the turn of the century?

States with the smallest change in gas prices

1 – Indiana

2002 Price: $1.22 per gallon

2021 Price: $2.92 per gallon

2022 Price: $4.16 per gallon

2021/2022 increase: 29.73%

20-year increase: 240.82%

Indiana has seen the smallest increase in gas costs in the past twenty years. In 2002, the price of gas was $1.22 (making it the most expensive state). After two decades it is now only the 21st most expensive state and the only one where the price has increased by less than 300% although prices have increased by nearly 30% over the last year.

2 – Minnesota

2002 Price: $0.97 per gallon

2021 Price: $2.83 per gallon

2022 Price: $3.92 per gallon

2021/2022 increase: 27.69%

20-year increase: 305.69%

Gas in Minnesota has increased by just over 300%, it is now almost $4, whereas it cost less than a dollar per gallon back in 2002. However, this is only the second-highest rise in average petrol costs across the country. Since last year, gas prices have risen by just over a quarter.

3 – Alaska

2002 Price: $1.16 per gallon

2021 Price: $2.83 per gallon

2022 Price: $4.74 per gallon

2021/2022 increase: 30.41%

20-year increase: 309.59%

Despite having large reserves of oil and gas in the state, Alaska is the fourth most expensive state for current average petrol prices. This was the same story twenty years ago when they had the second-highest prices. Fortunately for Alaskans, their prices have risen by the third smallest amount, 309.59%. Although there has been over a 30% increase since 2021.

States with the biggest change in gas prices

1 – California

2002 Price: $0.97 per gallon

2021 Price: $4.17 per gallon

2022 Price: $5.91 per gallon

2021/2022 increase: 29.53%

20-year increase: 509.91%

Californifornians who have lived in the state for a while will have felt a dramatic increase in the cost of filling up their car over the past twenty years. It is almost five dollars more expensive now than it was in 2002, which is a rise of over 500%. In the last year alone, fuel prices have risen by 30%.

2 – Nevada

2002 Price: $0.92 per gallon

2021 Price: $3.61 per gallon

2022 Price: $5.25 per gallon

2021/2022 increase: 31.20%

20-year increase: 473.14%

Moving east one state we arrive in Nevada, once again they come in second place to California. The 473.14% increase means Nevada is now the second most expensive state for an average gallon of petrol, rather than the ninth in 2002. Similarly to the other states, fuel prices have risen by just over 30% since 2021.

3 – Utah

2002 Price: $0.78 per gallon

2021 Price: $3.35 per gallon

2022 Price: $4.43 per gallon

2021/2022 increase: 24.38%

20-year increase: 467.73%

Utah is the next state along to the east, and it is also next in the rankings to Nevada. In 2002 the price of fuel in Utah was incredibly low at $0.78 per gallon on average. However, after a 467.73% rise, it is now $4.43. Rising by just under a quarter, fuel prices in Utah have seen one of the smallest changes since 2021.

How far can you travel for $50 in each state?

The Ford F150 pickup truck is by far America’s best-selling car in history and around 42 million have been sold since it was introduced in 1948. On average one is sold in the USA every 35 seconds, and if you were to park every F150 ever sold side by side, the line would stretch twice around the equator.

Ergo, the F150 is the obvious car to use as a yardstick for determining how far you can travel on $50 worth of gas in each state. A new 2WD F150 has a low MPG of 25, so it will burn through your gas quicker than a lot of cars.

In Missouri (the state with the cheapest fuel prices) $50 will buy you 13.23 gallons of petrol (down from 18.29 last year) which means that on average in an F150 you will be able to travel 330.86 miles. California is the most expensive state for gas and consequently, $50 will only get you 8.46 gallons of petrol, this means that the F150 will only be able to travel 211.51 miles, which is almost 120 miles fewer than it would take you in Missouri.

Global Gas Report

The countries with the cheapest gas

1 – Venezuela: $0.11 per gallon of petrol

Venezuela has the largest known reserves of crude oil anywhere in the world, consequently, it is unsurprising that petrol is so cheap in the South American nation. At $0.11, it is $5.95 cheaper than the global average, and one of only three countries where the cost per gallon is less than a dollar.

2 – Libya: $0.15 per gallon of petrol

Another oil-rich country comes in second place, 97% of all the country’s exports are accounted for by oil. This abundance of oil allows petrol to be very cheap, ergo the cost per gallon is only $0.15.

3 – Iran: $0.23 per gallon of petrol

Iran has the third-cheapest fuel price per gallon, in the central Asian nation, the cost is only $0.23, considerably less than Syria (the fourth-cheapest). Despite oil production being impacted by international sanctions, the country still produces a lot which keeps the price down.

The countries with the most expensive gas

1 – Hong Kong: $13.10 per gallon of petrol

Hong Kong has the highest price of petrol anywhere in the world, a gallon in the special administrative region is $13.10. This is more than double the global average, and $1.15 more than the second most expensive place.

2 – Netherlands: $11.75 per gallon of petrol

The Netherlands is the second most expensive place for gas around the world, it is currently $11.75 in the European nation, making it the most expensive nation in the western world. The cost in the Netherlands is $5.69 more than the global average.

3 – Norway: $11.36 per gallon of petrol

At just $0.39 less than the Netherlands, Norway is only just the third most expensive country for petrol prices. Norwegians have to pay $11.36 per gallon on average, this makes them one of only four countries with prices over $11 per gallon.

Gas price changes across the globe

Countries with the biggest decrease in gas price

1 – Iran

2017 Price: $1.68 per gallon of petrol

2022 Price: $0.23 per gallon of petrol

5-year price decrease: 2843.53%

Iranians have been fortunate enough to see the biggest decrease in gas prices anywhere in the world over the past half-decade. Amazingly, prices have been slashed by almost 3,000%, which is almost triple the next biggest decrease.

2 – Syria

2017 Price: $4.68 per gallon of petrol

2022 Price: $1.44 per gallon of petrol

5-year price decrease: 1027.19%

Another country which has seen a four-figure percentage decrease in the price of petrol is Syria. Despite the ongoing civil war, the average price of a gallon of petrol has dropped dramatically since 2017.

3 – Angola

2017 Price: $4.32 per gallon of petrol

2022 Price: $1.60 per gallon of petrol

5-year price decrease: 775.81%

With a 775.81% decrease in the cost of petrol, Angola is some way off Syria and Iran, but its petrol prices have dropped considerably more than fourth-placed Russia. In 2017 the cost of a gallon in the West African nation was $4.32, now it is just $1.60 on average.

Countries with the biggest increase in gas price

1 – Saudi Arabia

2017 Price: $1.09

2022 Price: $2.82

5-year price increase: 278.91%

Despite having one of the largest reserves of crude oil in the world, Saudi Arabians are having to pay more now for a gallon of petrol than they were five years ago, much more. The price of petrol has risen by almost 300%.

2 – Venezuela

2017 Price: $0.05

2022 Price: $0.11

5-year price increase: 272.77%

Despite still having the cheapest petrol prices, they have risen by over 272.77% in the past five years in Venezuela. However, I am sure that drivers will get over this given that filling a tank would cost around $1.32 to fill an average-sized car fuel tank.

3 – Myanmar

2017 Price: $2.68

2022 Price: $5.76

5-year price increase: 242.91%

The Republic of Myanmar has seen the third-highest five-year increase in the average price of petrol anywhere in the world, prices have jumped from $2.68 per gallon to $5.76 per gallon.

How far can you travel for $50 in every country?

The best-selling car across the world is the Toyota Corolla, so this was used as the car to calculate how far you can travel on $50 worth of fuel in each country. The petrol-powered Corolla has an MPG of up to 44.8, and therefore the number of gallons you can buy for $50 was multiplied by this figure to discover how far one could travel.

Of course, the cheapest countries are the ones where you can travel the furthest for $50. This amount would buy you 439.94 gallons in Venezuela, which means you could travel 19,709 miles. At the other end of the scale, drivers can only travel 171 miles in Hong Kong for the same money, as $50 would only bring in 3.82 gallons of petrol. Meanwhile, the average number of miles you could travel for $50 is 706.




  • Regular unleaded petrol was chosen as the type of fuel to study, because it is the most popular.
  • All current fuel costs were sourced from global petrol prices, and are accurate as of 28/04/2022.
  • The same website was used for historic petrol prices. We used wayback machine to see the archived petrol prices from 27/02/2017.
  • The MPG of the Toyota Corolla was found from Parkers.
  • To calculate the distance you can travel, the number of gallons you could purchase for $50 was multiplied by the MPG of the car.
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