how long does driving school take

How Long Does Driving School Take on Average?

by Zutobi · Updated Dec 27, 2022

Whether you’re a teenager eager to start driving or an adult who doesn’t have time for a lengthy driving course, you’re probably wondering how long it takes to learn to drive at a driving school.

Driving course length depends on a few factors, like the driving school you choose to attend, your personal learning style, and your instructors. There are steps you can take to shorten the process, and while that might just mean studying more efficiently, learning material too fast could have negative impacts on how much you actually retain.

Length of Different Types of Driving School Courses

Two types of driving courses are available to drivers – usual courses and intensive courses.

  • Usual courses typically take a few weeks to complete and often include both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training. This type of course is designed to be more flexible and allow time for students to absorb the material and practice their driving skills.
  • Intensive courses, on the other hand, are designed to be completed in a shorter period of time, typically one week or less. While intensive courses may be more convenient for those with a limited schedule, they may not be as effective in terms of retention of the material, as the information is presented all at once.

Usual Driving Courses

Typical driving courses generally take a few weeks to complete, but may stretch to a few months. You’ll receive classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training during that time. Other factors, like personal learning style and instructor availability, could change how long a course takes.

This type of driving course is designed to fit the learning styles of most people. It offers information in manageable pieces and gives you time to absorb it, put it into practice behind the wheel, and make it a habit. These driving courses aren’t a huge time commitment either; typically all it takes is a few hours each week over the course of several weeks. You’ll also have some flexibility with scheduling driving sessions and, in some cases, with completing your classroom time.

However, it takes more time to complete than an intensive course. That might be a dealbreaker if you need to get your license quickly, if your work schedule doesn’t allow for it, or if your driving schools don’t offer lessons when you’re available.

Intensive Driving Courses

Normal driving courses are usually a good option, but if they aren’t feasible for your situation, an intensive driving course might be your best bet. When you take an intensive course, you’ll receive the same information and the same training, but it will be packed into the space of one week or so.

Some people learn well this way. Crash courses help you see the big picture as you receive all the information at once. Preparing for tests might be easier since you won’t have time to forget the material. But many drivers will find that the information only stays in their short-term memory – and it only stays there long enough to pass the test. You may forget most of what you learn during an intensive driving course, and this will have negative impacts on future driving habits and safety.

At the same time, if an intensive driving course is your only option, it’s better than nothing. And you can always compensate for it by reviewing material on your own.

Tips to Speed Up the Process

To shorten the length of time it takes to complete driving school, you can take a few steps to optimize your learning experience.

  • Start as soon as possible: If you’re a teenager, be sure to check the age requirements for driver education in your state and start the process as soon as you’re able. If you’re an adult who has already reached the minimum age, don’t put off starting the process of getting your license.
  • Be flexible with your scheduling: If you’re able to take classes or driving sessions at different times of the day, you might be able to fit in more sessions each week, which can help you progress through the course more quickly.
  • Study efficiently: Set aside dedicated time to review the material and practice your driving skills. The more you practice and review the material, the more quickly you’ll be able to complete the course.
  • Supplement your driving course: This could include reviewing the material on your own, practicing driving with a friend or family member who is a licensed driver, or taking additional classes or resources to further your understanding of the material. If you’re in a hurry to get your license, consider taking an intensive course and then reviewing the material on your own to ensure you fully understand it. Zutobi is a great resource to help you understand and retain driving information.
  • Consider taking an intensive course: If you’re in a hurry to get your license, an intensive course can be completed in a shorter period of time. However, it’s important to review the material on your own to ensure you fully understand it, as intensive courses may not be as effective in terms of retention of the material.

Ultimately, the length of time it takes to complete a driving school course will depend on your individual circumstances and goals. Factors such as your personal learning style, your availability, and the type of driving school you choose can all affect the length of the course. By taking steps to optimize your learning experience, you can help ensure that you complete the course as quickly as possible.

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